Sadaco Brothers


Most frequently Asked questions

No please. The ticket is a bearer bond.

Prizes are redeemed at the writer(SBBV agent) where you stake your numbers.

Report to any area branch manager or call Head Office Call Centre on 0599 19 80 55.

You can claim your cash prize instantly and in full after draw date and before 7 days.

Draws are held every day for each Game by 6:30pm in the Brenan Hall of NLA . You can use the NLA short code *959# Results of draws are published on the website, in press and on all NLA Scoreboards across the country. The results are then fetched from NLA and published on sadacobrothers website. What happens to my money if I do not win?. It goes into profits generation

You should have at maximum 2 sure for GH¢20.00 to play above GH¢20.00 there is no payment.

SBBV Lotto is available at all SBBV Retailer outlets.

See locations here.

SBBV is currently not available online at the moment.